1. Downhill


The plane touched down on a spotless night
Oh, now what a sight
A perfect town, the one she dreamed
Don’t forget to breathe
Walking through she felt so small
But soon she’d see it all
How could anyone begin to know

[Pre Chorus]
Running through the main street
Packed into a back seat
Feeling like this could never end
Sleeping under starlight
Getting in that first fight
Wondering if you’d ever see him again
Sneaking over fences
Cramming for a big test
Crying to your family on the phone
Sipping on your first beer
Jumping off the old pier

It’s all downhill from-
Here you go, you’re on your own
So don’t turn around you might lose your footing
You can’t go back so why bother looking away

[Verse 2]
She packed up with one day more
How had it been four months since she’d last been home
Where had the time gone?
The streets were hers undeniably
She walked right through with ease
Her mind raced to the stories she’d tell

[Pre Chorus 2]
Hiding in the bookstore
Dancing in your friend’s dorm
Feeling like the world is caving in
An all-nighter on Tuesday
Buying gifts on birthdays
Screaming at the field as someone wins
Jumping in a fountain
Driving through the mountains
Spilling your life story up to now
Staring at a mirror
Laughing through your tears


The stakes feel so high
This is the catalyst for the rest of our lives
But maybe you’d want to stick with me
Cause I refuse to believe

[Chorus] x2